About CSE

  The Implementation Opinions of the State Council on Deepening the Reform of the Examination and Enrollment System, issued by the State Council in September 2014, states that the “construction of the assessment system of foreign language proficiency” is an imperative task. According to the Ministry of Education, the National Education Examinations Authority (NEEA) is responsible for this assignment. Among the many tasks of constructing the assessment system of foreign language proficiency, developing China’s Standards of English (CSE) is the fundamental task.

  CSE will describe what Chinese learners and users of English can do with the target language. It will define language proficiency levels comprehensively by specific, accurate and easy-to-understand descriptors in terms of language communicative functions and language skills. It will serve as one of the fundamental strategies  to promote English learning, teaching and assessment in China.

  Our research group includes over 100 language testing experts, professors, and major project leaders of foreign language tests. Language testing experts from home and abroad are invited as project consultants.

  This website aims to provide a platform of work and research for us to communicate over the construction of CSE. You are welcome to leave a message or contact us after visiting our website.