Introduction to NEEA

   NEEA was founded in 1987. It is an institution directly affiliated to the Ministry of Education and appointed by the Ministry of Education to exclusively undertake national educational examinations and to practice a degree of administrative authority. NEEA is the nation’s largest and leading test development and test research center.

  At present, NEEA develops and conducts more than 30 national tests, such as the National College Entrance Examination, the National Entrance Examination for Postgraduates, self-taught Higher Education Examinations, National Computer Rank Examinations, and Public English Test Systems. We have 30 million test-takers annually. We have also established long-term cooperative relationships with many internationally prestigious testing organizations and institutions, and administer their tests in China, such as TOEFL, GRE, IELTS, TestDaf from Germany, Japanese Language Proficiency Test, and Korean Language Proficiency Test.