Some Thoughts on Developing a National Foreign Language Testing and Assessment System in China

[Author(s)]:Yang Huizhong 

  Journal: China Examinations, 2015, Issue 1 

  Author: Yang Huizhong

  Institution: ShangHai Jiao Tong University

  Abstract: The development of a national foreign language testing and assessment system in China needs top-level designing, taking a systems approach to the relationships among testing, teaching and learning, and the use of test results. The actual language education and testing practice in China should serve as the starting point of designing and the measurement quality be fully met, including test validity, reliability, score equating, etc. so that fairness be ensured. The aim is to develop a language testing and assessment system with Chinese characteristics that meets internationally recognized standards for educational and psychological measurement and in line with international convention of language testing practice.

  Key Words: Foreign Language Testing and Assessment System; Language Testing; Language Proficiency Scales