Some Thoughts on Developing China Common Framework for English Language Proficiency

[Author(s)]:Liu Jianda 

  Journal: China Examinations, 2015, Issue 1  

  Author: Liu Jianda

  Institution: Guangdong University of Foreign Studies

  Abstract: Developing China common frameworks for foreign languages is the basic step towards establishing a national foreign language assessment system. The scales should take into consideration the current situation of China’s foreign language education and aim at its future demand and development. The description and classification of the required abilities should be based on scientific research with carefully planned investigation. The scales are expected to be feasible and practical, providing a common framework of reference for foreign language learning, teaching, and assessment. English is the most common foreign language in China, so a common framework of reference for English should be the first one to be developed.

  Key Words: Foreign Language Testing and Assessment System; Language Assessment; Language Proficiency Scales