An Research on the Level Alignment of China's Standards of English Language Ability writing scales with Common European Framework of Rreference for Languages

Written by Peng Chuan, Shen Zhen University

Abstract: This study probes into the level alignment of the CSE ( China's Standards of English Language Ability) writing scales with the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) writing scales through a questionnaire survey.The results show that in terms of writing ability,CSE level 1 and level 2 correspond mainly to the CEFR level A1,level 3 to A2,level 4 and level 5 to B1,level 6 to B2,level 7 to C1,level 8 to C1 and C2,and level 9 to C2 and above. The study provides reference for the alignment between language ability standards.

Key words: CSE; CEFR; alignment; writing ability

Journal:Foreign Language World,2021(5)